St. Marys Bakery, Paignton, Torbay - Specialists in the creation of handmade childrens birthday cakes
A novelty birthday cake is a fun and unique way to make your birthday extra special. From keen surfers to delicate ballerinas, St Mary's Bakery can create any type of personalised, novelty birthday cakes including first birthday cakes, children's party cakes, 18th and 21st birthday cakes, fairy cakes and many other novelty cakes. If you can come up with a design, our talented cake decorators can create it!
Stuck for an idea? Check out our novelty birthday cakes gallery below and see if there is anything you like. Once you have decided on the cake you want, please feel free to get in contact with us either by calling 01803 522023 or click here.
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A local couple's
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What our customers thought:

“Thank you for the 18th birthday cake that you made and decorated for my daughter ... Everyone admired the wonderful decoration and I just wanted you to know how much your skill was appreciated.”

West of England Confectionary Champion 2007/08 • Craft Baker of the Year 2008
Westcountry Specialities Champion 2006/7 • Winner of all celebration cakes classes: Western Bakery Championships 2006/7
Winner of all celebration cakes classes: Western Region Confectionery Club 2006/7
St Marys Bakery
243d Torquay Road
Preston, Paignton
Devon TQ3 2HL
Tel: 01803 522023